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You can also follow us via these links:

NOTE: Writing an application doesn't mean you will automatically join the PMC. If we think you better then the players we have in our roster, then you'll be accepted as trialist. But don't think it's easy.
TheCop / Mar 20, 2013
Welcome to Fighter FC TV! This isn't live, but it is an exclusive interview with Corven and will only be found here! Welcome to the desk Corven, feeling excited about sharing your views with the community of Football Superstars and more?
Well, I’m not a guy who likes to take the center stage, I'd rather stay in the dark and work on things to be good. But I’ll make an exception for the première of Fighter FC TV. I'm ready, let's get started.

Q1. So Corven, tell us a bit about yourself and how you came across Football Superstars.
I like to keep an aura of mystery above my person (maybe that's why most people think I’m a strange guy), but I can tell you I’m a 24 years old Italian guy with many interests but a weak will. I'm behind most of the graphic works that are related to Fighter FC and its members (and their projects) 'cause I’ve learnt to work with images with Photoshop on my own (but I still can't draw images, my drawing skills are awful). I like listening to music, especially rock music and everything that comes with it, playing videogames, stay at the computer surfing the net and other things.
I've started playing FS in 2010, I was looking for some MMO based on football to spend some time with. My first character was Corven, on Pele''. Then I moved to Cruyff to play with my cousin under the name of Corvis and when Cruyff got closed I came back to Pele'

Q2. How did you hear about Fighter FC and why did you join the club?
To be honest I didn't hear about Fighter FC, I was playing in Cruyff and played a couple of matches with Caelite who invited me to his PMC (co-managed by TheCop), Dragon Fighters FC. When I joined my first impression was like "what am I doing here? Why did they chose me if I’m many levels behind them?" and I kept looking at the "main-team" like players I could never reach. Day after day I kept playing and levelled up and reached division 1, having the chance to regularly play with better players I could learn from seemed strange. I felt like a fish out of water. Then Dragon Fighters merged with another PMC and created Fighter FC on Cruyff, unfortunately TheCop couldn't manage 2 PMCs at the same time so he dedicate himself to Pele' server. That's when he asked me and two other guys to manage it, with poor results. At that time the Cruyff's population was really low, with a lot of wasted time between one match and another. So, following Prophetian's example, I’ve re-started playing often on Pele' and one month later Cruyff was officially closed. And then here I am.
To sum up my FS career:
My first PMC on Pele' was Black Stars, managed by Blazzino (but i never actually played for them). Then I was in Dragon Fighters FC on Cruyff, then in the PMC for the division 2 guys. Then I reached division 1 and went back to Dragon Fighers FC until they've merged with Blood Axe (if I’m not wrong) to create Fighter FC. Then Fighter FC died and I came back to Pele' and got re-invited to Fighter FC.

Q3. Your time in Football Superstars has definitely been one to remember. Many players know you and your name is one which people remember for being the nice guy! What is the one personal achievement you feel that you have made in the game (whether in matches or community)?
I don't care much about personal achievements, but I can say my best "play" is the back-heel assist that made me win the Assist of the Month award for July 2012.
On the community side having the chance to give people an answer at their posts on forum or on IRC or in game is a good achievement for me. Having the chance to help others with my experience and the thing I know makes me feel satisfied.

Q4. There are a number of talking points in Football Superstars currently. Firstly, the current exploits in the game in which the community are very vocal about. The use of overhead skill and chipping the ball up before the keeper to run it straight past him have been banned from the upcoming tournaments. What are your views on that? Are there any other plays in which could be recommended in banning?
As I’ve said in a post on forum I find the usage of exploits disrespectful for the players and the game itself. People who exploits the mechanisms of the game haven't understood what a game is about, they just want to win. Seeing people who do exploits such like chipping the ball makes me feel angry, but also sad 'cause if you do such things for winning the game you should just stop playing the game. What's the point of playing a game if you have fun only when you score? Where's the beauty of a tight game, even if it's a loss at the end?
Just to point things out I don't believe overheads is as bad as chipping 'cause overhead kick can be used by anyone and can be easily fixed. But I will never say good goal or good job for an overhead goal 'cause they simply aren't good.

Q5. Secondly, with the new league format looking very exciting, how are you feeling about it? Is it exactly what the game needs? And how do you rate FFC's chance in the league?
I'm really happy of seeing a new tournament coming, especially 'cause of the way it is designed. I really enjoyed FLC and the promotion/relegation system which gave a boost for everyone to play at their best until the very end, but it lacked of clear and incontrovertible rules for how promotion/relegations work. I'd really like to see something like that again in future, to bring more realisms on FS (and some less subjective decisions)
Regarding Fighter FC's chances I need to say that we have proved in the past that we can beat anyone, but can also be defeated by anyone. To be honest I believe that there are some teams who can be better than us, but I’m sure that they'll have to play 100% to be able to defeat us. If they won't we're ready to take advantage of the situation 'cause, as our slogan says, "we fight to the end".

Q6. Another talking point about the league was the amount of fixtures to play in the week. What is your opinion in regards to playing 7-a-side league, 7-a-side cup and 11-a-side league every week?
It's good to have lots of matches to play, but I believe that they should have a pre-fixed calendar. For example playing 11s on Sunday or Thursday. 7 a side league on Friday or Saturday and 7 a side cup on Tuesday or Wednesday. Letting the teams decide the hour of the match and, in rare cases, let them play out of the day, but not out of the fixture.

Q7. Moving on, what do you feel Football Superstars needs in terms of moving the game forward? The rumours were the game is now stable with it able to finance itself, so the community will be looking forward to some changes in the future.
Would be good to see someone working on it again, regularly. I hope in future more time and founds will be spent on FS 'cause it's a good game, and I remember time ago devs saying that there were some changes ready to go live but that they preferred to keep 'em for a bigger update (I’m referring to 5s, 7s and 11 a side PMC matches against A.I., which were "freezed" until they could realize PMC Clubhouses). So I’m still optimistic about the future of FS, but would be interesting to see some more investments, maybe from some big gaming society that want to make a step forward in the football experience.

Well Corven, it was nice of you to give up your time in order to talk to us, thank you very much!
I hope this interview isn't boring and made my opinions clear for everyone. Wish you the best for this project, see you around.

We will look forward to talking once again in the near future. Signing out from Fighter FC TV, bringing Fighter FC to you